iPhone Apps for My 2010 Bicycle Trips

What follows is a list of the apps I installed on my iPhone 3G for the sake of my 2010 bicycle travels (I also used the Outlook Notes synchronization feature to install text files with emergency information, bicycle maintenance instructions, and the Adventure Cycling Association map addenda).

Flashlight (John Haney Software): Good in a pinch for helping me find my real flashlight. Free.

MotionX-GPS (Fullpower): Terrific for setting waypoints so that I could easily find my way back to camp, and for uploading my current location. $2.99.

Pocket First Aid (American Heart Association): The information is stored on the phone, so it's available regardless of cell coverage. $3.99.

U.S. Army Survival Guide (Double Dog Studios): One useful feature of this document is its photographs of cloud formations associated with dangerous weather. $1.99.

Sunrise, Sunset (Kekoa Vincent): Perfect for letting me know when I should set my alarm, and exactly how much riding time I'd have to get to my destination. $0.99.

The Weather Channel (The Weather Channel): This was a big step up from the phone's included weather application. Free.

USPS Mobile (United States Postal Service): For tracking any resupply packages sent to general delivery which had tracking numbers, and for quickly looking up post office locations and hours. Free.

FedEx Mobile (FedEx): For tracking any resupply packages sent via FedEx "Hold at Location" rather than USPS general delivery. Free.

AroundMe (TweakerSoft): This was the best application I could find for locating nearby businesses (e.g. hotels). Free.

Campwhere (Big Nerd Ranch): This was, by far, the best offline public campground directory available for the iPhone. $3.99.

Warmshowers (Christopher Meyer): This provides an interface to the warmshowers.org touring cyclist volunteer hospitality program. Free.

Hostel Hero (Playtripper Ltd.): This is the equivalent of Campwhere for hostels, and provides information you're unlikely to find via AroundMe. Note the feature which allows you to download the entire USA database ahead of time, so that you can do lookups offline. Free.

Priceline Hotel Negotiator (Priceline.com): Useful for finding bargain accomodations in larger municipalities, if Hostel Hero fails to produce anything suitable. Free.

Urbanspoon (Urbanspoon): A fun way to find inexpensive restaurants in larger municipalities. Free.

Kindle for iPhone (Amazon.com, Inc.): For the sake of reading material during any days on which severe weather prevented riding. Free.

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