My 2010 Cross-Country Bicycle Trip


  1. On June 11, I rode from my home to downtown Seattle's King Street Station, took the 2:20pm Amtrak Cascades 507 south to Eugene OR, and stayed that night at Eugene's S. S. Whiteaker Hostel.
  2. Starting at sunrise the next day, I rode the TransAmerica Trail from Eugene OR toward Yorktown VA (I had already ridden this trail from the Pacific Ocean to Eugene in 2006 and didn't repeat that portion).

Unfortunately I suffered a collision with a careless driver midway through Kansas, and had to complete the remainder of my journey by rental car rather than bicycle.


In support of my University of Washington law studies, I observed as many state court proceedings as I could along my route.


I posted comments and photographs to my blog throughout this trip: feel free to browse them.


Feel free to browse my complete inventory, if you're curious what bicycling and camping equipment I used on this trip, as well as a list of the iPhone applications I installed before leaving.

Before leaving I also prepared the following two lists, partly for my benefit and partly for the benefit of other TransAmerica Trail riders:

  1. A list of almost every city along the TransAmerica Trail, with links to each city's Wikipedia page
  2. A list of selected attractions along the TransAmerica Trail, including the addresses at which I intended to pick up resupply packages