Russell Brunelle's Electronic Scrapbook

  1. My tutorial on writing technical documents with open-source software (6/7/22)
  2. My quick guide to printing shipping labels (2/9/22)
  3. My tutorial on creating legal exhibit sets with budget PDF software (12/31/21)
  4. My demonstration of computing "court days from today" using Excel (7/25/21)
  5. My original blog (12/25/07-12/30/16)
  6. Technical details for my 2010 cross-country bicycle trip (6/11/10-8/11/10)
  7. Technical details for my 2008 cross-country bicycle trip (1/30/08-5/28/08)
  8. Pictures from my 2006 cross-state bicycle trip (8/18/06-8/27/06)
  9. The web page for my 2003 Wonderland Trail hike (8/14/03-8/25/03)
  10. My doctoral dissertation
  11. The notes I took in high school and freshman college while learning to play the oboe

You can download the Markdown file that generates the technical documents tutorial, and its included graphic, if you'd like to practice.

The blog is also available as one 529MB PDF file, in case the service currently hosting it ever ceases operations.